Skiing in the suburbs of Edmonton

Just enjoy that snow… it’s not going anywhere!

We visited a nice little ski hill at “Snow Valley” today to get our legs ready for our big trip to Jasper and Banff next week (over Christmas and New Year). It’s a 5 minute drive from our house and it’s effectively the same as life where we would go to Torquay for a quick dip.

I’m going to add a couple of pics… I took a photo of Alec this week as I sat in the car (as it warmed up) and he scraped off the ice… I took this photo because the ice is really pretty.

Something we enjoy doing is squirting the windshield with water to clean it and then watch the residue freeze across the windscreen. If you’re wondering… yes there is “antifreeze” in the windscreen cleaning fluid!

Another picture here is the crabapple tree in the back yard, so pretty with snow! I’m told that the birds eat them over winter and fly into windows as they are drunk on the fermented fruit.


About hamigos4

A family of four adventure-seekers from Australia... currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
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