New Beginnings

It has been wonderful to finally be in our own home, with our own things around us! Even though our household belongings were delivered on February 1st on a freezing -27 degree day!

we didn’t move until the 18th Feb… The removalists were great and they had everything in and unpacked by 3pm… they didn’t put anything away though, so over the next few days we visited and started to sort things out, and then gradually over the next 2 weeks we moved the items we brought with us in our 12 bags, and the things we have bought since arriving… skis, snowboards, loads of coats, many warm clothes and so on.

Our house has the feel of a “beach house” with the open plan design, light blue walls and light-blue and white kitchen.

Just one thing though… there’s no beach, just a back yard still full of snow!

On the day we moved it was so cold outside that the plastic cubes for the esky (you know… the pre-filled ones) were frozen solid! The china was so cold it hurt to touch it and they warned us quite sternly… “DO NOT PLAY THE PIANO UNTIL IT HAS WARMED UP… THE SOUNDBOARD WILL CRACK!” Welcome to Edmonton!

So, the greatest thing about moving into our own place is having our own familiar things around us. Just as the Colletts had said before we left… it finally makes you feel more at home!

Samantha’s room is again using the red “hand” chair as the source of inspiration… so off to Ikea we went! Her walls need repainting, but she’s happy with the carpet colour… So are we! The blue looks great with red and white.

Will’s room is of course, teenage mayhem with a dash of football passion! He has not had time, nor parental input to get sorted out… off to Ikea with him too! He doesn’t mind the silver-grey carpet he has, and hey… would we ever see it? So he’s going to save us some money too by leaving it down!

The basement has loads of potential and room! So we’re taking time to think about how we might improve that room.


About hamigos4

A family of four adventure-seekers from Australia... currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
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