Six Months in Canada!

We’ve now been living in Canada for six months. The time has flown, especially recently as we now live a regular life, in our own home and have a very regular routine.

At the University of Alberta it is now final assessment time, so Alec and Anita are just about finished teaching for the year! Straight after this we will have Spring term where we will both be teaching for a very short period and then we will have time for development of courses for the next year which commences in September! It’s funny to think that if we were in Oz we’d be still just starting the academic year. During Summer we will be heading to Australia for a 4 week visit and we will try to catch up with as many friends and family as possible.

Anita had a lovely birthday on March 31 and celebrated with “close family” with a roast lamb and a glass of wine!

The week before this we enjoyed having the company of Desleigh and Peter de Jonge, who stayed for 4 nights. Desleigh was Anita’s Master’s supervisor from the University of Queensland and she was in the USA and Canada on study leave. Desleigh says that she needed to come to Alberta to find out “what the fuss was about” and why her Aussie friends had come to work here. She found out why! Really great people to work with and some great areas of OT teaching and research 🙂

Over the past two weeks the snow was melting rapidly, the ground was starting to dry out and the puddles had all disappeared… we thought the Wintery weather was “done”, but lo and behold, true to predictions by the local forecasters, the Spring snow started!!!
… we had 10cm of fresh snow over the past weekend, the temps have remained low so the snow has lingered on into the week. It is just so pretty and quiet!

A week ago Will played his very first Canadian footy game. He is the Punter (a la Ben Graham). He played well, took the hits well and is playing again soon… well, that is as long as the snow if off the field! Hee hee! See sidebar of the blog for the YouTube link of the very first punt!

We get Geelong’s games on cable most weeks and when we can’t get the game (such as last weekend), we listen to it on K-Rock via the internet. Isn’t it amazing to think that we can virtually live anywhere from here. The final picture I’m including in this instalment is a cartoon from The Age that depicts the mood leading up to the Geelong v Melbourne game. Just think, it kind of came true! Geelong held back!


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A family of four adventure-seekers from Australia... currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
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