Cheer leaders are back!

The Vic Junior High Cheer Team at Cheer Camp
Bellingham Washington, July 4-9 2008

Will and Sam returned from cheer camp on July 9th absolutely exhausted! They trained hard, in the sun for 4 days and then had an overnight drive back to Edmonton to greet us with open arms (yeah sure). They had an absolute ball, made lots of new friends and both decided that they’d like to continue in cheer when school goes back in September. They have to try out though! It took 3 days of sleep to recover from the camp, what did they do?!

So while the kittens were away…

Needless to say the mice did play! Alec and Anita enjoyed time away from being responsible parents and were completely irresponsible! We went out to the wee hours on the Friday night (to an Aussie Pub called Walkabout) and then we spent Saturday watching movies, not eating proper food and catching up on sleep!

On Friday (July 11) Samantha and Anita learnt how to make glass beads with Anita’s colleague Susan Burwash, Susan is a gifted OT, teacher and artist and it is amazing to have the opportunity to learn from a pro!

This weekend we visited the Edmonton Street Festival and saw some amazing acts. This pair of English performers were absolutely amazing!!! We laughed even louder when they called one of their poses “Hello Boys”… as we knew they must be Roy and HG fans! Remember The Dream and the Sydney Olympics?


About hamigos4

A family of four adventure-seekers from Australia... currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
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