Grand Final devastation!

On Friday 26th September (Edmonton time) we watched our hopes and dreams for back to back premierships collapse before us like a pack of cards. We kept saying “this can’t be real, where’s the forward structure??? Everyone else is doing their job!” Including the Hawks defense… let’s rush another behind!

For Will and Anita, the only word for losing the premiership we were supposed to win was “gutted”.

Fortunately we had a small party here for Aussies and Canadians who love footy and we decked out the lounge and dining rooms with posters, streamers, balloons and Cats memorabilia. Anita even made Aussie meat “poys”.

hree days have now passed and a trip to the Rocky Mountains couldn’t have been timed better! On reflection we’re wondering that maybe the Cats and the Cats fans (that’s us included) were waiting for the mission to be completed as it was last year, and that it would somehow just magically happen! With only one loss for the season, who would have though any differently (well, other than Caroline Wilson!).

But if we really think about it… on finals form Hawks were performing better than we were, our forward structure was suspect in the Western Bulldogs game and in the Grandfinal it was poor! Two crucial missed goals by Mooney in very quick succession was probably the turning point in the game, not that Will wanted to hear that when I thought that out loud in the third quarter! You need to score goals in order to win!!! That was the difference between the two sides.

Alec digs into a pie

The table is ready for the celebration

David and Al raise their glasses to the Cats!!!

Marg, Lois and Dave watch the game from level 2 of the Pleasantview Stadium

We know a few Hawks fans and they have politely kept quiet, thank you…we are very grateful! If you keep your distance for a year or two we might be civil when we meet again.

So, in all, we are terribly disappointed (and a bit angry) because we know that Geelong SHOULD have won the grand final in 2008. It will be an interesting test to see how we come back from this in 2009. Is Geelong still a champion team? We think so!


About hamigos4

A family of four adventure-seekers from Australia... currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
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