Merry Christmas from the frozen North

This might be pretty blurry but, oh well… you get the gist! Here’s the summary of the Hamiltons Christmas day.

The kids were so hopeful this morning that they might get an i-Pod touch for Christmas… We had told them that they had a snowball’s chance in Australia of getting that. Yet still, they remained optimistic.

Santa was clever though, all the presents were given out and had been opened, no i-pods! The final gift handed to them was a box of chocolates, one each… what do you think was wrapped up inside the box? Yep… an i-pod touch each! We were so shocked!

They were both overjoyed and we hope that the 8 hour trip to Kimberley BC will be uneventful and the kids will be thoroughly entertained.

We celebrated Christmas with friends on Christmas eve and on our own on Christmas day. We have been thinking of our family and friends a lot over this very special time of year and hope that you were able to spend the day in a relaxing way.

Merry Christmas one and all Love from the Hamiltons xo

About hamigos4

A family of four adventure-seekers from Australia... currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
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One Response to Merry Christmas from the frozen North

  1. Alicia says:

    Merry Christmas to the Hamilton Family. Thinking of you during this special time. My first Christmas was excellent. I didn’t even get scared of Santa. I heard Daddy say that he found it really tough when I woke at 5.50am on Christmas morning. To be honest I think Daddy had too much Christmas cheer the night before when we all celebrated a European Christmas Eve with Mummy’s family.Have a safe and fun festive season and a Happy New Year. Now I’m computer literate (well, I’m only 11 months old) I can help Daddy and Mummy send posts through to you now.Love Alicia 🙂

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