Dogs with wings

We have officially become Dogs with Wings puppy trainers.  Our puppy, Jazz, arrived last week and she is a beautiful black Lab with an amazing personality!  We are just coming to the end of the first week with Jazz and a routine is already emerging. 

Sam is the primary caretaker of Jazz, with Alec as the number 1 back up. Sam does the last toilet stop at about 1am and then Alec is up at 7am to do the first toilet stop, breakfast, play, toilet, play, toilet, play and then back to bed… Sam sleeps through this!  Anita is back up and good at “clean-up”. Jazz also like to get lost in Anita’s flowing summer skirts!  Will enjoys Jazz’s company when he’s home and she certainly likes him.

Dogs with Wings is a service dog training organization who provide service dogs for people with impairments, limitations and special needs.  It’s not yet known where Jazz will go when she grows up, they will watch her closely for special skills and abilities, temperament and so on.  The wonderful thing is she is part of training her as a service dog includes taking her to work, on buses, to restaurants, the theatre, movies and so on.  She needs to be exposed to as many circumstances as possible.

Alec will take her to work more often than Anita, but while she is little we will take care of her mostly from home.  Puppy training will be with other puppies and we will be in the community learning how to climb escalators, enter elevators and catch public transport etc.  It is going to be busy and fun!


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A family of four adventure-seekers from Australia... currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
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