Almost time for Will’s trip to Edinburgh

After a summer of rehearsals and fun, the final week of performances is on.  Last night we were privileged to attend the third night (of five).

The play is set in Victoria on Vancouver Island , Canada. St Aggies is a girls school and has just accepted boys. It is almost 1984 and the Head prefect is certain that in 1984 the world will end.  The story is mainly about the tension between tradition and individuality, being a child and being an adolescent, and of course… teen love 🙂
The play and the score were written by Chris Wynter an English born, Canadian-raised playwright and musician. The story resonates with the kids as it is their life, now, and it resonates for the parents as many were teens or young adults in the 1980s.

Will departs for the UK with the troupe on August 15 and return on August 27.  First stop London, second stop Edinburgh and the Fringe.


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A family of four adventure-seekers from Australia... currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
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